Azure Status

I need to know how my Azure Services are.. you can create a variable called $CloudService and then use Get-AzureService -ServiceName $cloudservice| Format-Table -Property Label,AffinityGroup Get-AzureVM -ServiceName $cloudservice | Format-Table -Property Name,InstanceStatus,PowerState,IpAddress

Conect AzureVM

You can manage your virtual machines directly on PowerShell using the Windows Remote Managing or WinRM and a PowerShell technique called Remote Shell, but locally.. so how you can use the same with you Azure VMs. let’s run this Script and wonder with the potential of this RemoteShell… <#PSScriptInfo .VERSION 1.0 .GUID b66368a8-dc27-481a-b4f3-dff65a6d42ee .AUTHOR Azure-Automation-Team… Seguir leyendo Conect AzureVM

Manage your AzureVMs

If you are handling by first time the Azure subscription, you can put the face as sitting in the millennial falcon… what this button stands for?? don’t worry, Azure is bringing so much that is simply impossible to afford all in a month. you keep learning all the time about it. The Azure team, and… Seguir leyendo Manage your AzureVMs

Connect Office 365

Once you have you PC/PowerShell prepared, you can connect to Office 365, using a simple script as this, where you define your username, and thereafter you can simply click it. don’t forget, you use the dollar sign $ to generate PSvariables. $User = «» $Pass = ConvertTo-SecureString «TheWarMachineIsTheBest.» -AsPlainText -Force $Cred = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential… Seguir leyendo Connect Office 365

Install PowerShell Options

The best powershell script that I should find in this learning path, was it that enabled my PowerShell with the capabilities to connect to Office 365, AzureAD, SkypeFBO, and Exchange Online. this was found in the TechNet, but I’ve found it so interesting that I would like to share it. after you ran this, a… Seguir leyendo Install PowerShell Options


We already see in a previous post, how to enable containers, and how they are shipped inside Windows 10, under programs and features, as a Windows New Feature. The containers are a new kind of virtualization way. Where you simply aboard your host operating system and brings a separate memory space where you instance a… Seguir leyendo Containers

PowerShell Survival kit

This is another script-pool so be my guest, enjoy exploring. try. learn. and apply on your daily basis. #To get help on any cmdlet use get-help Get-Help Get-Service #To get all available cmdlets use get-command Get-Command #To get all properties and methods for an object use get-member Get-Service | Get-Member #Setting Security Policy #View and… Seguir leyendo PowerShell Survival kit

Cmd-lets for Active Directory

Hi, as you know I love the PowerShell and try to bring you resources for it. today I found this valuable resource. try to paste this content below in your PowerShell ISE. ##CMD Switch #PowerShell Cmdlet #Module Version #DCPROMO Install-ADDSForest Install-ADDSDomain Install-ADDSDomainController Uninstall-ADDSDomainController #ADDSDeployment 2012 #CSVDE Get-ADObject | Export-CSV #ActiveDirectory 2008 R2 #CSVDE i Import-CSV… Seguir leyendo Cmd-lets for Active Directory