Tools for troubleshoot network connections

Hi everyone,

Today I wish to list a set of cmd line tools to diagnose and repair your network connections, but I want to invite you to explore the PowerShell Cmd-Lets to diagnose your connectivity.

  • Ipconfig (a.k.a Get-NetIpAddress) let you know what IP address is using your machine, if you see an as your IP, your machine probably is network disconnected. also if you are getting a 169.254.x.x this is called an APIPA address, that means that you are connected as well, but you are out of network because the DHCP server should be down.
  • Ping (a.k.a Test-NetConnection) allows to check an echo request to a desired host. this lets you know if you or your counterpart are capable to respond to network traffic
  • Tracert (a.k.a Get-NetRoute) This one lets you know how are jumping the packages between routers and switches to reach the destination. this tools also lets us to know how often the times from jump to jump are.
  • NSLookup (a.k.a. Resolve-DnsName) brings back the IP address of a desired host.

Also you can use another GUI tools as Event Viewer, Message analyzer, and Windows Network diagnostics. but you can try a Get-Eventlog -Logname System -EntryType Error -Newest 5





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