Azure Network planning

Hi people, today i’ve been thinking about what to tell you, about Azure, and Powershell, so i said, why not to talk about inter connectivity and Azure.- The first think i want to show you is and world map, as you probably know Microsoft Azure is offering 50 Datacenters in a World wide spread… but… Seguir leyendo Azure Network planning

SQL Database from Azure CLI

Hi, i want to share another Azure CLI script, Bash based to deploy an Azure SQL server and also the database, even we include the authorized ip address. Try the following changing the bold words. #!/bin/bash # Set an admin login and password for your database export adminlogin=ServerAdmin export password=ChangeYourAdminPassword1 # The logical server name… Seguir leyendo SQL Database from Azure CLI

Curso MVA Windows server 2016

Hola a todos. Les comparto esta academia en video que realizamos con Microsoft Virtual Academy donde analizamos los requerimientos de Windows Server, sus roles, de hecho esta muy orientado a un contenido introductorio de Windows Server.    

PowerShell is the cloud tool

Nowadays we have a radical change, Windows is no longer Graphic based operating system, and server distributions without GUI are growing faster, least disk space is needed, the WinRM and WMI allows the remote management and using this new paradigm the shell became stronger. Power Shell became an MIT approved open source project, this mean… Seguir leyendo PowerShell is the cloud tool

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Support material 20533 course

As many of you know, i’m an Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) ,  i’ve been delivering the Azure infrastructure official course for a while, so i want to share some of the contents i had collected around this particular course. i wish this likes you as a complementary information, but i wont take care if… Seguir leyendo Support material 20533 course

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Azure storage con azure-cli

Resulta que no hay muchas capacitaciones o contenidos en los cursos de Azure, sobre como se utiliza el Azure CLI, por eso he decidido hacer una serie de contenidos para reflejar unos interesantes scripts disponibles en Git-Hub sobre este tema en particular. #!/bin/bash # A simple Azure Storage example script #Declaramos las variables. Como queremos… Seguir leyendo Azure storage con azure-cli