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As many of you know, i’m an Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) ,  i’ve been delivering the Azure infrastructure official course for a while, so i want to share some of the contents i had collected around this particular course. i wish this likes you as a complementary information, but i wont take care if some of this links would change or get broken. take the chance to review each one.. in my opinion you would prepare better to take your exam.

First of all Azure is a product that is composed by many parts, you must know of networking, storage, compute, security, powershell, active directory, DNS, firewall, and some specific skills as SQL database and web site application development. is a good start point where you can see the coming features and the newest ones.

Now lets check the new Azure exams on But for the 20533 exam page, simply go to  there are a couple ways to prepare for it, with an OnDemand web based video course, or an in person trainer lead course, as i do.

When you get deeper searching about it, and you dig and dig into internet, you’ll find the learning paths  also the community of support networking- where the free opinions became valuable suggestions, you know  already there, you can see up away and casually find the where you can find many, many service descriptions, constraints and limits for each azure product.

If you are a person whose doesn’t care to get dirty hands, should give a try to , but if you prefer to learn viewing videos and you clearly enjoy listening and watching, you can get a good reference in  and also in Microsoft virtual academy in a short video i’ve recorded a few months ago.

Microsoft usually offer us more than one way to do things, so in azure you can do it on the portal, in PowerShell using a module for Azure, and also there is a console for linux, MacOs users called AzureCLI. you are not pushed to use one or another, you can choose. i prefer to use PowerShell but you can enjoy more on AzureCli you can easily install it from

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