PowerShell is the cloud tool

Nowadays we have a radical change, Windows is no longer Graphic based operating system, and server distributions without GUI are growing faster, least disk space is needed, the WinRM and WMI allows the remote management and using this new paradigm the shell became stronger.

Power Shell became an MIT approved open source project, this mean that anyone can write more contents, commandlets, and functions for Power Shell, even create new branch and modify the shell itself.

I write this article to teach you how to easy is to download and install new modules. the first i want to tell is that you must check the power shell version installed on your computer, to do this you can open Power Shell and write Get-Host, this will show the version. if you have Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 on your computer, it’s almost sure you got Power shell version 3.0 or 4.0, so let’s bring it to the latest version, by access this URL,  after that you can have Power Shell 5.0 or higher, All right.

now we can type Find-Module MSOnline, to retrieve the repository where this module is listed in the latest version, i’ve selected this module because with it you can manage the users, groups and licenses from Office 365, but you gonna need the AzureRM module too, AzureAD, and by the way SQLServer.

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