Azure Network planning

Hi people, today i’ve been thinking about what to tell you, about Azure, and Powershell, so i said, why not to talk about inter connectivity and Azure.-

The first think i want to show you is and world map, as you probably know Microsoft Azure is offering 50 Datacenters in a World wide spread… but if you are planning to move your company to the Azure Cloud what should be the best DC to minimize the network lag? well, you should take a look of which is a fascinating map to understand how we reach the internet providers. there after you migth still asking how to scale our connectivity, so go to and watch out the better time response from each Azure Datacenter, also you should pay attention of the Azure Status, go to there is a good start point to plan your networking strategy. When you bring up a resource group in Azure, and deploy a virtual switch in there, you can start constructing a very complex configuration, but you have to start making the doodle, a simple scratch graphic design where you imagine how to bring it up and how to do it. tomorrow i’ll give the next step.

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