Complementary material for 20533 part-2

Hi, i still having fun with this compilation of technical resources, well as many of you should know the 20533 exam evaluates each skill required as Compute (Virtual Machines, Containers, and ACS), by the way, you can deploy virtual machines from the Portal, the PowerShell and AzureCLI, well this pack of links contains also many templates, and resources to increase the knowledge.

First, let’s try some AzureCLI, and you got to install it. with this URL you’ll find how to deploy the AZ CLI.

As i said before, you can create from templates and scripts, so check this one this brings up a Linux machine, but as probably you know this Linux machines doesn’t come with graphic UI, and also we can secure their SSH,  but what if i tell you can create an RDP Linux machine… you can use the RDP command and grab it graphically , Finally i found how to deploy a virtual machine that supports Containers here,

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